martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

My prototype video clip with Powtoon

Hello everybody!

Here it is my e-project:

Through my video I have tried to catch your attention and curiosity about my project. I have chosen a topic related to geography because I really love it and I wanted to do something different using ICT. The topic is Spain and children will learn the autonomous communities, provinces and culture in depth. Moreover children will use ict tools to get the aims of the unit which I think is more interesting and attractive for them
I have used Powtoon to create it because it has visual tools as animations, props and a variety of resources such as backgrounds, types of text or characters. In addition, you can play music at the same time, which keep the attention of the people. For these reasons you can create many attractive presentations.
Due to this task I have learnt to summerize and synthesize a lesson plan through elaborate a visual way to catch your attention.  

My project´s prototype is develop more in depth in Google docs so in case you have any doubt you can check it here:
Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!

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