martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

The e-design evaluation

Hello readers,

I had the pleasure of evaluate the Marta´s project she did last year. Here it is the link:

I decided to evaluate this project because I thought it has creative contents and it is originally. As you will see in my assessment, Marta did a good job. Her porject is formed by many different resources made with ict tools, such as inphographic, videos, graphics, etc. Furthemore it is very well structured and easy to understand. She has into account children with special needs.

Doing this assessment I could take some ideas of tools that I hadn´t used yet and realize about the strengths and weaknesses of other projects in order to improve my own tasks. It is something that we must do with our students in class, giving them the opportunity to assess their peers and in this way they will have more critical view.

The tool that I have chosen to present my evaluation is Genially. I didn´t know it before but I´m going to start using it because I love it. You can do great attractive presentations with many different resources. At the beginning it was difficult but once you start it became easier. Genially is a tool that allows you to create all kind of online content (images, posters, presentations, guides, catalogos...) You can get extraordinary results using this tool.

Have a look at my presentation:

I hope you like it :)

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