domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016


Hello people!
When I had to start doing my mindmap I was not  sure about what were the differences between PLE (Personal Learning Environment) and PLN (Personal Learning Network). After asking the teacher and some classmates I could realize what they really mean and I started looking for the tool that I could  use to create my mindmap. I have visited and tried some tools like Popplet, but finally I have decided to use Coogle because, from my point of view, is fashion and trendy. You can use this tool to work in groups and share your work through different applications or download to keep it on your computer.
Unfortunately , I did not do my degree in English,  that´s why I am doing this Master, because I wanted to learn different methodologies for teaching English. So I started to learn about CLIL this year. As you can see in my mindmap, I have used many tools along this year. Some for sharing information, others to find the information, ideas, resources, songs, classwork.
I hope you like my work! :) 

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