miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016


Hello everybody!!!

This adventure with ICT is coming to an end. It has been a useful subject to be more competent with ICT.

At the beginning I was a little scared because I wasn´t very good with technologies. However, a part from different difficulties I could have during this term, I have to say that I have impove. In addition, I am going to continue using ICT in order to teach my future students.

As you are going to see in my final video, in each module we were expected to create different artifacts. My favourite has been the module 3 because we had to works in groups. I had the pleasure to work with Victor, Lola, Elena and Ana Martín.

Regarding the tools I have used during this adventure, I would like to highlight Powtoon because it has been my main tool to create many of the artifacts. As I have told you in other posts it has many animations, props, characters, backgrounds, shapes, graphs and also you are able to insert images, videos and sounds. The unique critique that I have is that you only have 20 seconds per slide to record.

Thank you to my teacher for showing me this world and to my classmates for forming part of this adventure.

See you soon!!! =)

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