martes, 10 de mayo de 2016


Hello readers!

On Thursday the 7th of April, our master´s class performed a ChocoTalk in Youtube about "how CLIL can contribute to having happier bilingual learners"

It was the first time that I participated in a ChocoTalk and I have to congratulate my classmates because everything worked perfectly.
In this ChocoTalk each person in the group played a role. In my case I was curator, and at the end of the ChocoTalk I had to summerize what had happened before, during the Chocotalk and after. Ana had the same role than me.
Elena and Victor were the managers on twitter. They role were to dissemintate the Chocotalk through this app in order to promote it.
Lola and Inma were the speakers during the chocotalk.

As I said before, Ana and me wrote a summery of the Chocotalk with Storify. Here you are what happened! Enjoy it!

It was enjoyable but a little stressful sometimes. We want to do a great job.
If you want to watch our Chocotalk, here it is the link: 

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