domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016


Hello people!

For this mission we were asked to record a tutorial in order to teach our children how to use an online tool. In this case, we chose to teach them how to use Piktochart since it was the tool they were required to use in their final challenge.

To create our tutorial we have used "Screencast-O-Matic" which is an online tool that allows to create videos with screen shoots with high quality of image and sound. This tool alse gives you the possibility to share your final product in YouTube or download it.

There are two versions, we used the free one, which we consider that is very complete. You can select the part of the screen you want to appear in your video and record it for 15 minutes. Moreover, you can use the webcam so your image will appear in a little slide in the corner.

From our personal point of view, we can use this tool in our classes for many purposes. For instance, we could ask our children to create a Storyjumper and then record the screen while turning the pages telling the story (they can imitate the characters´voices). In this way, they would be able to practice their speaking skills at the same time they practice their ICT skills, and all of this in a meaningful and engaging way.

In addition, to edit the video we used the e-tool IMovie. This app is intuitive and fast to work with. It allows you to introcduce any music that you like most.

We appreciate this activity, as it made us reflect on the need of creating tutorial in our classes. Even though working in groups make things easier, there are some tools that are difficult to manage. From our own experience, we have found difficulties in using some online tools. This why we consider vital to scaffold our students by doing tutorials of ict tools.

Here you are link to our turorial:

Thank you for your attention and enjoyed it! 

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