jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

World BooK Day celebration

Hello readers,

The 23rd of April was the Word Book Day. Due to this day we have create an aura. Maybe you don´t know what it is, but don´t worry, I am going to try to explain you carefully.

Aurasma is a difficult app to describe without see how it works. It is an augmented reality system, that use the camera of your phone to identify objects that are in front, and in real time, overlay over  them any type of animation we choose to react with this object.

In my case, first I created a poster with my favourite books with piktochart and then I created a video telling how I am as a reader in powtoon. Then I upload both things in aurasma, so when I put my aurasma app over my poster in the computer, my video appear automatically.

It is a dinamic and interactive way to tell things about me as a reader. We share our work in Pinterest in Wall of books.

If you want to see my aura follow me in aurasma: nataliamench

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