lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

How to create a rubic!

Hello people!!

Today I am going to write about how to create a rubric.

From my point of view this challenge has been very useful for us as a teacher. From my experience as student, it has been the first time that I elaborate a rubric.

Before creating my rubric I consulted with some of my peers and finally I decided to use Quick Rubric. As its name says it is a quick and easy tool to elaborate a rubric. Once you logging in the tool you can use it. It offers you as many columns or rows you need. When you shave your work it inmediatly send the link to your e-mail.

To elaborate a rubric, first you must think about what you want to evaluate. The aspects you want to assess have to be written on the left, in the first column. Then you should think about which will be the point you will give depends of how the task has been made. In my case has been excellent 3 points, good 2 points, fair 1 point and poor 0 points. Finally you complete the table telling the student what is going to be your criterion in order to give feedback.

Quic Rubric is an useful tool to create our rubrics and give feedback to our students in order to improve their tasks.

Here it is the rubric that I have made for the e-project:

Thank you readers :)

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